17 02, 2019

Andrew Cleary joins our Recital Programme!


We are thrilled to be welcoming Andrew Cleary to our recital programme, Monday 18th February at 1pm! Andrew is no stranger to Holy Trinity, having accompanied the Lee Choral Society in their last two concerts but this is his first performance as part of our recital programme. We are delighted

Andrew Cleary joins our Recital Programme!2019-02-17T20:15:47+00:00
19 11, 2018

European Organ Music


'Today's was a delightfully different recital and we thank John Collins very much indeed for bringing us a variety of pieces from the early keyboard repertoire of Portugal, Spain, Italy and England. It was as intriguing to watch as it was to listen to, with a great deal of intricate

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18 07, 2018

Thanks to Adrian Moore!


Those of us who shunned the sunshine in a tradeoff of beautiful weather for beautiful music were not disappointed with our choice and enjoyed a truly splendid recital today. Thank you, Adrian, for your delightful selection of music, bringing us four very different pieces, each equally appealing in its own

Thanks to Adrian Moore!2018-07-18T12:35:38+01:00
15 07, 2018

Organ Recital with Adrian Moore


We are delighted to be welcoming Adrian Moore to the recital programme at Holy Trinity Church, Gosport, on Monday 16th July starting at 1.30pm! Adrian joins us from Leamington Spa where he is organist at Holy Trinity Church. You will see from his programme that he is a much sought

Organ Recital with Adrian Moore2018-07-15T17:03:46+01:00
23 05, 2018

An utterly delicious, all-organic musical menu!


'Anthony Burns-Cox's 'All-Organic Musical Menu' was utterly delicious, beautifully served with plenty of variety to please even the most discerning diner. I could have taken much more at every course! We loved the way each piece worked within the extended menu metaphor: the excitement of the entree, the fulsomeness of

An utterly delicious, all-organic musical menu!2018-05-23T17:20:39+01:00
18 04, 2018

Organ Duets!


'Philip Drew and David Hansell certainly brought us 'double the pleasure' during their recital at Holy Trinity Church on Monday 16th April! We were delighted to listen to these two splendid recitalists, who were clearly very good friends; we were intrigued to watch two pairs of hands competing for space

Organ Duets!2018-04-23T14:05:40+01:00