8 02, 2022

Jennifer Parker-Lummis


Listening to Jennifer Parker-Lummis sing is always a very moving and totally enjoyable experience - and this was the case for the many people who attended her concert at Holy Trinity, Gosport, yesterday afternoon. Jennifer really is the whole package: educator, entertainer and singer extraordinaire! Well done Gosport for not

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5 07, 2021

Music is back at Holy Trinity!


Music is definitely back at Holy trinity, Gosport, and what a 'come back' concert we had this afternoon! It was a superb programme: just right for the time of year and beautiful setting. We enjoyed every piece, from Delius to Vaughan Williams, Herbert Howells to Mussorgsky, Grieg to Massenet, we

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2 07, 2021

Good Times!


'The Good Times' are back! We look forward to welcoming you to Fumi's concert at 3.30pm on Sunday 4th July for an hour of beautiful music (at last). For safety , everyone must wear a mask, please, sanitise at the door on the way in and on the way out,

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2 03, 2020

Nigel Willoughby and Teresa Foster


Yesterday's concert was a remarkable reminder of just how fortunate we are at the Holy Trinity Church Tea-Time Concerts and Recitals. Nigel Willoughby and Teresa Foster played sublimely and the programme was equally inspiring: we thanked them for including the Handel to mark the 300th celebration of our organ. I

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20 02, 2020

300th Handel Organ Anniversary


As part of our celebrations for the 300th anniversary of our Historic 'Handel' organ at Holy Trinity Church, Gosport, we are pleased to announce a March full of music! Make sure to join us for 'Nigel Willoughby and Teresa Foster', violin and piano, at 3.30pm on Sunday 1st March. Peter

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7 01, 2020

Lee Choral Society


I cannot think of a better way to welcome in a new year of music at Holy Trinity than by listening to beautiful choral harmonies interspersed with stunning solo performances. There were many highlights to today's programme, including the poignant sadness and illusive message of hope in Mendelssohn's 'Passage Bird's

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